Eduardo Ahumada-Tello, Julio Octavio Blas-Flores, José Raúl Robles-Cortés
Sotavento M.B.A., (28), 10-21.
Publication year: 2016


In this paper, we study the implications for re gional development when is implemented the strategy of biotech cluster development. We mention studies on issues such as competitiveness, regional development,  innovation and clusters. The methodology is documentary. In this context, it is established that the intangible value of patents and processes derived from the study of this industrial sector have influence on the creation of important developed regions in a global context that have high income and also high quality of life for residents in countries that have improve public policy for this sector. It is therefore a fundamental part of these study promote the clustering of biotechnology industry, and by these actions seize the juncture between industry, academia and the public sector, this in order to create a social synergy in regional contexts.
Keywords: Clustering, biotech, regional development, competitiveness.

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