Rodolfo Martinez-Gutierrez, Eduardo Ahumada-Tello, Ramon Galvan-Sanchez, Carlos Hurtado-Sanchez, Beatriz Chavez-Ceja
ostgraduate Administration Education: Profiles and Skills Contribution to the Knowledge Society. In: Goonetilleke R.S., Xiong S., Kalkis H., Roja Z., Karwowski W., Murata A. (eds) Advances in Physical, Social & Occupational Ergonomics. AHFE 2021. Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, vol 273. Springer, Cham.
Publication year: 2021


Higher education and especially the postgraduate Master’s and Doctorate programs in northern Mexico, particularly in the border region of the Tijuana Baja California area, have become highly competitive at the international level and demanding qualified personnel, this research focuses on a comparative research through a series of methodological analyzes from the methodological perspective of the Fifth Systematic Helix (QHS) to determine the level of evolution and relevance of educational programs in the area of economic-administrative sciences of the Master’s Degree in Administration and Doctorate in Administration in the two institutions with the greatest tradition and roots in the training of professionals and scientists in the region. The National Technological Institute of Mexico Tijuana Campus and the Autonomous University of Baja California. From the perspective of the systematic approach of the QHS Methodology, with representatives of the business sector, government, education, associations, consultants from the sector under study and with this, evaluate the perspectives of generational competitiveness and the educational gaps in professional training and research. In this research, the generations of graduates are taken as a sample of the universe, considering representatives of the different sectors of employability such as the industrial sector, commerce, services, government or the entrepreneur. With the results of the research, studies of the impact on sectoral development and the contribution to the society of knowledge, innovation and competitiveness of the region at an international level are proposed.


MBA, PhD in administration, Postgraduate in administration 

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