Eduardo Ahumada-Tello; Karen Gardenia Ramos-Higuera; Martha Elena López-Regalado; Rafael Ravina-Ripoll
2021 IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Conference - Europe, TEMSCON-EUR 2021. DOI: 10.1109/TEMSCON-EUR52034.2021.9488639
Publication year: 2021


This research is focused on Industry 4.0 or better known as the 4th industrial revolution. In the initial section, the proposition is to analyze how the implementation of sectoral collaboration, intellectual capital and public policies affect and influences the development of Industry 4.0 in technology-based firms in the Tijuana-San Diego area, then the problem statement, research questions, hypotheses, objectives and justification of the research were carried out. Afterwards, the research foundation was developed to support and validate the information from the theoretical and contextual framework. A survey of 45 questions was carried out and it was aimed at employees of technology-based companies, in which it seeks to know if the employees are aware of the variables we study and if new technologies are being implemented in their organization. The survey was conducted with a total of 384 employees using an online questionnaire. To validate the data in the SPSS program and find out if the questions have a high Cronbach’s Alpha. The analysis of the survey was carried out through a quantitative study to later have the conclusions of the research in general and be able to know if the employees know and apply the industry 4.0 Among the results the correlation of the study variables was confirmed.

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