Rafael Ravina-Ripoll; Eduardo Ahumada-Tello; Richard David Evans; María José Foncubierta-Rodríguez;
2020 International Conference on Technology and Entrepreneurship - Virtual (ICTE-V), San Jose, CA, USA, 2020, pp. 1-5, doi: 10.1109/ICTE-V50708.2020.9114368.
Publication year: 2020


The study of entrepreneurship is important for creating strategies that motivate creative activities in business development. In this paper, we study the happiness of Spanish entrepreneurs with relation to the level of academic study they hold, seeking to establish the relationship between these variables. Currently, there are a limited number of studies that address the relationship between these two variables. Given this previous reality and with the intention of reinventing scientific knowledge in the relationship of happiness and education, this work presents a thorough analysis of these variables in Spanish entrepreneurs. A correlational study was conducted using primary data from the barometer of the Center for Sociological Research (CSR). From this data, an ANOVA analysis was completed with results showing that the average rate of happiness is high. Observations also reveal no significance or direct relationship between the level of academic study held by the entrepreneur and their degree of happiness.
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