Eduardo Ahumada-Tello; Rafael Ravina-Ripoll; Araceli Callano-Coronil; Richard David Evans
018 IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Conference (TEMSCON), Evanston, IL, 2018, pp. 1-5, doi: 10.1109/TEMSCON.2018.8488441.
Publication year: 2018


Studies on corporate happiness have emerged as a new approach to management and productivity. The theory around this leadership focus could change the way firms arrange their own business objectives and goals. In this paper, happiness, as a construct, is analyzed from an economical and entrepreneurial perspective. The goal is to determine if happiness influences productivity and work environments in technology-based firms (TBF) in Andalucía, Spain. A survey, completed by 41 employees, was elaborated on and applied to a group of employees in TBF, based in Sevilla. The results confirm that a happier environment is present in TBF than in non-technological firms. This is due to the strategies applied in TBF to improve happiness and wellness perception in their employees and the influence in productivity and, therefore, in organizational competitiveness.
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