Reyna V. Barragán-Quintero, Fernando Barragán-Quintero, Eduardo Ahumada-Tello
IEEE Engineering Management Review, Vol. 48, No. 3, Third Quarter, September 2020, 197-201
Publication year: 2020


Today’s generation has undoubtedly witnessed spectacular changes all over the world including the emergence of diseases, such as severe acute respiratory syndrome. Now, we are faced with an unprecedented crisis, brought on by coronavirus disease 2019, a worldwide pandemic that has shaken our economic and social equilibrium, bringing about a new set of parameters in personal as well as in social behavioral patterns, and ceding way to new strategies of political conduct and economic planning. In this article, we hope to stress the idea of innovation as a necessary instrument for economic viability and quite possibly an important factor for reconstruction in the aftermath of the pandemic. We propose that society will have to adopt certain tools and conducts to recover from the consequences of the crisis, making use of innovation as a strategy for the recovery and development of the economy that has been weakened from lockdown and social distancing. With this goal in mind, we hope to prove that a crisis, such as a pandemic, is cause for change and innovation at all levels.

Key words: Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), economic viability, innovation, technology, pandemic aftermath

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